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1st Phase (30 Days)

This phase consists of 30 days of in-house training with group and individual counseling as the main focus. Individuals establish and improve their relationship with God through private reflection and prayer, daily devotions, chapel services, pastoral counseling, and social activities.

2nd Phase (90 Days)

The 2nd phase of the program is 90 days of work therapy where students will work for one of Fresh Start’s businesses which include a thrift store, a lawn care service, a firewood service, a car detail service, and a janitorial service. In this phase of the program, students will continue to develop their relationship with God through group counseling, chapel services, social activities, anger management, and life skills.

3rd Phase (90 Days)

In the 3rd phase of the program, we will help students find a job with a local employer. Students will be able to deposit money into their individual account set up and monitored by Fresh Start. In this phase, a GED class will be offered to those students who did not graduate high-school. Upon complettion of the 7-month program, students will receive a Fresh Start Certificate and the money saved will be released to the student to assist with such things as rent, deposits, utilities, etc.

Intern Phase (6 months optional)

If students are interested in staying in the program, Fresh Start offers a 6-month intern phase. In this phase, students will have an opportunity to lead others to freedom from drug and alcohol abuse through mentoring, sharing testimonies, and even leading group sessions. Students who have paying jobs will continue to work while staying at the center.

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